Summer 2013 


Lk/Sasamat   Heather Young and Rhonda McLean placed well in their age groups

Lk. Thetis Victoria  Craig Slater won his age in the MSABC championship event

Across the Lake Swim Kelowna..... Theo Manley placed 4th in the Womens 55-59 and others also placed well in their categories.  four first time swimmers who all zipped across the lake like vets!          Rhonda McLean, Heather Young, Karen McCreath, Joanne Christopherson, Andree Leduc, Tamiko Fry

Apple Swim Lk. OK..... again Theo did well placing 2nd in her age group.

SWIM MEETS 2012-13

Our club attended three meets in this sseason UBC, Vancouver Aquatic Center and Nanaimo with all swimmers placing well and most doing personal bests in all their even

2013 Sr. Games Kamloops Aug.

Three WAVE swimmers attended and came home with over 15 medals lead by Alida Brichon with 4 gold and a silver , Tony Pease with 5 medals and Sharyn Richardson with three and all three also won three medals for the relays they swam on with the Valley zone.



Fall 2011

First meet of the new season at UBC....12 WAVE swimmers competed against 24 other clubs and placed a respectable 4th place.  Our 72-99 mixed 400 Fr relay set a new BC record and some other outstanding swims from the rest of the members.

Nov 19 2011 5 x 1000m relay at Hyde Creek, Coq.  Rachel Venner, Meghan Wilson, Theo Manley, Paul Mathias and Ross Nicholson placed third

Summer 2009

Police /Fire Games Congrats to our Burnaby Fire Randy McCluskie on winning silver 100 breast and bronze in 50 free and 50 breast at the Games held at UBC

Open Water Swims

THEO MANLEY 54, swam in three events this summer   with outstanding results..

July 1 2K Lk. Sasamat  32.51...She placed 1st in her age group and 19th of 72 women entered and 31st of 137 entrants.

July 18 2K  Across the Lake swim Kelowna 29:19.6   placing 47th of 374 swimmers

Aug 22 5K Kelowna OW  1:27.55  2nd in age group

Winskill Otters endurance meet  April  2009

Three members of the White Rock Wave Masters Swim Club swam to gold-medal finishes at the second annual Winskill Otters Endurance Swim Meet last Saturday.

In the 800-metre freestyle event, Rhonda McLean, 51, finished first with a personal-best time of 13 minutes, 59.93 seconds.

McLean’s teammate, Theo Manley, 54, also finished on top of the podium, finishing the 1,500-m freestyle in 24:20.05 – also a personal best.

Rounding out the Wave medal haul was 70-year-old Tony Pease, who finished first in the 1,500-m freestyle, in a time of 28:16.23.

BC Championships  April 2009

Only TWO White Rock WAVE swimmers made the trip to Duncan for the provincial championships Apr.17-19 but both made their mark in the standings and records.

Theo Manley competing in the 50-54 women's division came home with four silver second place finishes in the 1500m free 24:11.86 BT;  50 fly,   100 and 200 back  and 4th in 200 free

As the oldest woman in the meet at age 91 yr., competing against a youngster of 90 from Victoria, S.Surrey's and WAVE member Noel Morrow won all four of her events and all in BC and Canadian record times.  She also placed 2nd ALL TIME in the FINA World rankings in her back events and 3rd and 4th in the two free events.
50 Back 1:08.16 ...old Can. rec.was 1:53.66   2nd FINA All Time / 1st 2009
100 back 2:33.82  old Cdn mark 4:09.02         2 nd FINA AT/ 1st 2009
50 free 1:04.18     "      "      " 2:20.41   3rd FINA AT
100 free  2:28.27     NR                        4th AT
This was Noel's first meet in over three years and she will now prepare for the World Masters Games in Sydney AUS in October this year.

UBC Meet Nov. 19 2007

A great showing by our club with old and first time swimmers competing at this meet ....

16 members of the White Rock WAVE masters swim team, who train out of the S.Surrey pool, competed at UBC meet on Nov.18.  The meet was attended by over 180 swimmers from BC,Alberta, & Ont. representing 24 clubs.
WAVE results were:

Chelsea Robinson 18,         1st 200 IM, 400 fr, 100 fly
Joanne Christopherson 45,  3rd 100 IM & 100 back 4th 100 fr
Nancy Waterman 46,    4th 100 brst 5th 400 fr & 50 brst
Carol Wagner 46,          3rd 100 brst & 100 fly
Kim McCluskie 46,        3rd 50 brst 5th 100 fr & 50 fr
Rhonda Anslow 49,       1st 200 IM, 2nd 100 fly, 5th 200 fr & 50 back
Gladys Willmer 58,        1st 50 brst & 200 brst  2nd 100 brst
Alida Brichon 66,           1st 200 brst & 100 brst  2nd 50 brst & 50 back

Alex Welland 21,    1st 100 IM, 2nd 100 fr & 50 free  3rd 50 fly
Andy Ji  24,            1st 100 free & 100 brst  2nd 200 free   3rd  100 fly
Allister Kilpatrick  32,  1st 100 fly & 50 back,  2nd 100 back  & 50 free
Randy McCluskie 49,  2nd 50 brst  3rd 50 fr
Ted Willmer 55,   2nd 200 fr  4th  50 fr
Tony Pease  68,   1st 400 free, 200 free 200 brst & 50 brst

Relays  200 Fr              1ST  99-120yrs. Mixed         1ST  240-259 Mixed        3rd 160-199 Mixed
            200 Medley  1ST 120-159yr  Men               1st 240-259 yrs Mixed      4th 160-199 Women
            400 Medley relay     2nd  120-159 mixed

Million Meter Challenge:

WR WAVE continues to be one of the leaders of  BC clubs every month for the most meters registered. 

Our monthly award winners for Aug 2006- Joanne C.  Sept. 2006  Allister K.:  Oct. 2006  Sue P.:   Nov.2006  Brad D.;  Dec. 2006 Rhonda A.;  Jan 2007  Alex W.:   Feb 2007  Nancy W. with 22,500m  March 2007 Paul M.    April 2007  Kim McC.                                                                                                           

  We have had Thirty eight swimmers receive their 100,000m .swim caps and eleven( Jeff B., Nancy W., Kim McC., Alex W.,Sue P., Allister Kilpatrick, Paul Mathias, Cheryl Tuira, Rhonda Anslow, Joanne C. & Elsa D.) reach the 250,000 m level for their bronze cap and pin.  Keep up the great work swimmers and on to the million meter level.....for your GOLD caps.

BC SENIOR Games 2007 Nanaimo   Sept 13-16

A number of our members new and old attended the Games with great success in their events.

Ted Willmer 55-59  gold 200 free;  silver 25 fr, 50 fr, & 50 back

Gladys Willmer  55-59 Gold 100 brst, 400 free & 800 free: silver 200 fr

Joy Hargreaves  60-64  Silver 100 back & 25 fr; bronze 50 free

Alida Brichon 65-69 Gold 50 back: bronze 100 brst, 25 ba, 25 brst, 25 free

Tony Pease 65-69  Gold 800 free, Silver 200 fr & 400 free;  Bronze 100 free

2007 Sept.23 OAK HARBOUR Pentathlon  WA

Rhonda Anslow  sprints  2nd in 50 Ba, Brst, Free and IM   3rd 50 fly    2nd overall in age group

Andy Ji  100's  1st in 100 fly and free, 2 nd in 100 back, brst and 200 IM     1st overall time in age

Chris Mathisen  50's  1st 50 back and brst   2nd 50 fly and 100 IM 3rd 50 free   1st overall time age group

BC CHAMPIONSHIPS at Fleetwood Leisure, Surrey BC  April 2007

Eight WAVE members entered this meet  and results are follows:

Elsa DeLeeuw 83 won all five events 50 free, 100 free, 1500 free, 100 breast and 100 IM

Alida Brichon 66, 2nd 50 breast, 1st 100 breast, 3rd 200 breast, 4th 50 back and 50 free

Kim McCluskie 46,  1st 200 breast, 4th 100 breast , 4th 50 free

Allister Kilpatrick 32,  2nd 50 free, 2 nd 50 back, 3rd 100 & 200 back, 3rd 50 fly, 2 nd 100 fly

Chris Mathisen 51,  1st 100 back, 8th 50 free, 3rd 50 back

Rhonda Anslow 49, 6th 50 back, 5th 100 back, 6th 50 free

Some great swims by the WAVE and especially those that tried the events for the first time..Carol Wagner and Joanne Christopherson in the .400m and 800m free and Elsa DeLeeuw 83 yrs in her first 1500m set a new BC and Canadian record ( by 3 1/2 MINUTES)

240 yr. W. Medley Relay ( Kim, Rhonda, Alida, Elsa) also won gold


at UBC POOL with 22 clubs represented from BC, Alberta, Ont, & WA state, was another great meet for WAVE swimmers.   Nancy W.45-49 and Alex W.19-24 in their first meet swam in the first event ,a 400m free and easily beat their entry times and looked good doing so. Nancy managed a 2nd in the 200 fr ; 3rd 400 fr & 50 br and 4th 100 free while Alex showed great improvement as the meet went on with 2nd 50 fr; 3rd 100 fr & 50 brst and 4th 400 free.                                                                                                                                          Trevor J. 40-44 ( our fireman and mountain climber-he left to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro? on Feb. 25) in his first meet  grabbed  a 2nd, 50 brst, 3rd 100 br and 5th 50 fr in the same events he will swim at the World Fire and Police Games in Melbourne in March.  Rounding out the newbies was Rhonda A.45-49 with 2 firsts in 100 ba and 50 fly ,2nd 100 Im and 3rd 100 fr.    Allister K. had a good meet with wins in the 30-34 50 & 100 back and 3rd 100 & 200 free while Kim Mc 45-49 continued her winning ways in the 50 brst and added 2nd place finishes in the  50 fr,100 br & 50 fly.  Elsa DeLeeuw 80-84  continued her uncontested wins with great times in the 50 brst, 100 fr and 200 free and 100 back.  Her times will place her in the top 10 in the FINA World rankings for the 2007  as she has done for the past three years in this age group....see FINA TOP TEN web site on the link page.    WAVE Relays placed 1st in the 200 Med with Rhonda, Kim Mc, Allister and Trevor 160-199 Mixed   and 3rd in 200 Free 120-159 Mixes Alex, Kim Mc, Rhonda and Allister K.

UBC meet Nov.19  2006

Congrats to the eight members who attended and came home with many ribbons and almost ALL Best times in all events. And this was the first Masters meet for Kim Mc., Cheryl T. and Allister K. and they all came home with a first and other ribbons in the top three in their age group...WOW What an introduction.      A special cheer for 82 yr. old Elsa DeLeeuw setting her nineteenth  CAN./BC record taking a huge 32 sec off the old record in the 200m Breast.


2005 and 2006 SC and LC Rankings are up in Canadian Masters site for the first meets of the year.  Swimmers are encouraged to check their rankings on the Masters Canada website (see links). 

Feb. 12, 2006  English Bay meet at UBC

Three WAVE members attended the meet and came home with some great early season times and first -second place finishes in almost all events.

Congrats to: Alison Crepnjak,  Sue Poulton and Chris Mathisen for your great swims.

Victoria LC meet results March 12, 2005

Individual placings and times:

Elsa Deleeuw W81
100 brst 1st 2:20.47;  200 ba 1st 4:55.41; 100 free 1st 1:45.26;  100 ba 1st 2:22.75
Men 200+       200 fr 2nd 2:02.97  200 med 1st 2:19.16
Women 120+  200 fr  1st 2:14.7    200 med 1st 2:31.36
Mixed  160 +  200 Fr 1st 2:06.2    200 med 2nd 2:21.11
            200+   200 Med 1st 2:38.51
            240+   200 Fr  1st 2:33.83


We have many members in the top twenty of most events for their age group in 2004.
Elsa DeLeeuw(LC)Record total,  took the top spots overall of her age for 2004.. well done 
 Other WAVE in the top twenty of the individual events and overall include      Elsa Deleeuw 2nd (SC);   Sarah Deutsch 47th (SC) 
**ELSA DeLEEUW at last count has 16 Canadian records in her 80-85 age group and  sits on the top of multiple events in the top WORLD rankings for 2004 when they came out in April...see FINA website "Masters".
  And the WAVE as a club sits in 6th(SC) & 6th(LC) in Women category and 22th(SC) & 14th(LC) in team total from over 67 meets of all the Masters clubs in Canada(204) in 2004.

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