Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do I have to know how to swim?

A.  While you will learn different stroke techniques in the masters you should know the basics of swimming.

Q.  Am I expected to attend meets?

A.  As we are a competitive swim club we encourage everyone to attend at least one meet each session to gauge your progress and introduce you to the wonderful world of Masters swimming. Most meets are very low key and you compete against those swimmers of similar ability not age. Socials after the meets are common where swimmers get to meet those from the other clubs and refuel your body with light food & refreshments courtesy of the hosting club.
Most meets last about four hours and start mid morning. Even if you are not competing attending a meet as a spectator will have you in amazement of the fitness and ability of the 18-95 year old swimmers.

Q.  Do you have a workout for triathletes?

A.  We do not plan special workouts for triathletes as all swimmers need stroke work  and as a total all stroke swim program it will benefit these people in their sport.

Q.  What age do you allow to swim with your group?

A.  Swimmers MUST turn 18 yrs. before the end of the current year to join masters.

Q. What equipment is necessary?

A. We encourage all members to wear a form fitting suit to reduce drag and make the workouts easier.  Goggles, caps, pullbouys, fins and paddles are the swimmers' choice as some fins, paddles, and pullbouys are available at most pools. 

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